‘The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death’ Teaser Terrifies Horror Junkies | Film News


Are you ready for the return of The Woman in Black? No, me either. Gulp. The murderous ghoul is back and with a tag line of; “She Never Forgives. She Never Forgets. She Never Left”, I’m quaking in my boots. The new movie welcomes a brand spanking new cast of characters for The Woman in Black to toy with, how lucky for them. On a low budget of just $15 million, the first movie brought in a whopping $127 million, with none other than Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, as the main protagonist, it’s no surprise that we’re being treated to a sequel.


Angel Of Death, will focus of young, beautiful school teacher Eve, as she’s evacuated with her class of young children, to a spooky, old estate during the bombings in World War 2. What soon becomes Eve’s worst nightmare, is another tale of spiritual terror as The Woman in Black comes back for another bite of horror. Check out the teaser and see what you think!


Source: JoBlo




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