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The new batch of Cloverfield films have been clouded in mystery ever since 10 Cloverfield Lane was morphed from an unrelated, one-off story into a franchise reboot. The latest addition to the franchise, which was previously titled God Particle, has hit a snag though. Previously thought to be getting an early February release, the film has now been pushed back to a later date of Friday, April 20.


It’s strange to think that the film was initially scheduled for a February 24, 2017 release (yes, 2017), but was pulled so it could undergo reshoots supervised by producer J.J. Abrams. The next release date was then mid-October 2017, before February 2018, and now here we are hoping that the scheduled April release date is the final one.


The fact that the release date has changed a lot, and thus no marketing for the film has been done, shouldn’t be too much of a problem for a Cloverfield film though. The stories about 2007’s Cloverfield marketing are infamous, and 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t reveal its title or begin advertising the film until two months before release, and that still managed to generate plenty of interest thanks to a great trailer.


The marketing for this (still untitled) film should be just as easy, as the story follows a team of astronauts aboard an international space station who find themselves stranded alone after a scientific experiment involving a particle accelerator makes the entire Earth vanish.


The film will be the directorial debut of Julius Onah, and will star Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, David Oyelowo and Chris O’Dowd. The above synopsis was revealed prior to the reshoots, which were possibly substantial, so there’s a chance the narrative is a little different now.


Those unknowns surrounding the film is something Abrams and his other producers won’t mind though, as mystery and not revealing much have been the backbone of the marketing for the Cloverfield films for a decade now. Expect a trailer within the next month that gets a lot of people talking.



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