This Is The Only Thing That Distracts Kendall Jenner On The Runway | Fashion News


One may think that for Kendall Jenner walking the catwalk is like eating a piece of cake. Of course, she is very confident and graced the major catwalks from Victoria’s Secret to Fendi’s 90th anniversary cloture show in Rome last year.


However, there is only one thing that can break her solid focus while on the runaway: her family.


At the Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Kendall said that she never looked at the crowd, even when her mum Kris Jenner and her sister Kylie Jenner sit in the front row cheering her on. Sometimes she can hear them literally screaming when she walks by them.


Despite getting embarrassed by her family, she says “I can thank my parents for that. It really is a dream come true”.



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