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Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has forayed into the world of theatre by producing the soundtrack for Harold Pinter’s Old Times, set to star Clive Owen, Kelly Reilly and Eve Best.


Pinter’s play deals with themes of love and memory; two concepts which Yorke said he has “enjoyed exploring through music” during the writing of the soundtrack. The show’s director, Douglas Hodge, indicated that Yorke’s synth-based score marries well with Pinter’s script, as in his opinion “Thom’s music works backwards and forwards and plays with time and repetition in the same way Pinter does“.


The soundtrack which is to include intro, exit and transitional pieces, was completed via extended email correspondence between Yorke and the director. Hodge also commented on the effect Yorke’s score may have on the allure of the production saying that he is “hopeful this collaboration will result in a new kind of theatregoer coming to our show“.


In recent times Yorke has been continually branching out with his music, having formed another band, Atoms For Peace, produced a solo album and also created an 18 day-long soundtrack for an art exhibition earlier this year . The play is running from October 6 to November 29 at the American Airlines Theatre in New York City.



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