Thom Yorke Teases Possible Radiohead Release With White Vinyl Photo | Music News


It’s been three years since Radiohead’s self-released experimental rock album King of Limbs. Since then, the band has gone their separate ways, forming new projects, taking film scores on tour and releasing new albums amongst other ventures. Recently Phil Selway revealed that the band were to begin sessions on an upcoming album and now Thom Yorke has wetted our appetites even further.


The lead singer posted a picture of a white vinyl on a turntable surrounded by artwork from designer Stanley Donwood, who has produced pieces for the band since 1995’s The Bends. Whether or not this is definitely Radiohead related is unconfirmed, yet the statement made by Selway and the fact that the image was retweeted by Radiohead  producer Nigel Godrich could be a sign that we might not have much longer to wait. On the other hand, it could be an Atoms For Peace LP. Either way, good news all round.



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