Three Alleged Neo-Nazis Arrested On Suspicion Of Terror Offences | Politics

A police woman and a policeman wearing visibility jacket


Today, a man and two teenagers have been arrested by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit. The three suspects are believed to be part of the neo-Nazi group named Sonnenkrieg Division.


One teenager is a 17-year-old from London, the other an 18-year-old from Portsmouth and the 21-year-old from Bath.


On Thursday morning, the police had invaded the properties of the three men. Officers have said that ongoing investigations are still taking place in the homes.


“The arrests were pre-planned and part of an ongoing investigation into extreme right-wing activity”, North East Counter Terrorism spokesperson has stated.


The alleged neo-Nazis have been interviewed and questioned in police stations in London and Bath.


The 21-year-old has been arrested on “suspicion of possessing material useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism and conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred”.


The youngest has been taken into custody on “suspicion of encouraging terrorism, dissemination of terrorist publications, and conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred”.


And the 18-year-old has been detained on “suspicion of encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications”.



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