Three Famous Faces You Didn’t Know Were Former Refugees | Inspiration


Refugees are a mainstay topic in Europe and all around the world nowadays. Immigration is under discussion heavily in politics and media. There are many people who decide to risk their lives and change their way of living for search of a better life in another country.


When we hear the word ‘refugee’, we tend to think about poor or underprivileged people but there a lot of people who were welcomed by the state to have a wonderful life and repaid them. This is the case for some big stars such as:


Freddy Mercury


The iconic frontman of legendary group Queen who died in 1991, was born in Zanzibar and had to move to England because the revolution was becoming rough.


Mila Kunis


Known for her role on That ’70s Show and voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy, the famous actress had to run away from Ukraine to the US in 1991 for religious reasons. In fact, her whole family was Hebraic.


Rita Ora


The pop singer with a host of number one singles under her belt is not English, as everyone assumes, but she is rather from Kosovo. She had to leave her hometown of Pristina with her family also for religious reasons.



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