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Thrupence is a Melbourne based producer and art director who has been releasing music since 2010. His last full length LP Voyages, released in 2012, was extremely well received and made the music world well aware of the potential peaceful sounds the artist could create. This album, the first the artist has released on Australian label Future Classic, is a collage of beautiful music soundscapes. Thrupence uses chimes, violins and xylophones often supported by lazy beats to create uplifting songs, full of colour and grace. The serenity produced by this LP means that you do not listen to it but instead wonder through it, happy and content for it take you wherever it chooses.


In August, the artist dropped “Don’t You Mind“, a single that had fans waiting with mouths watering in anticipation for the release of Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4). “Don’t You Mind” is a standalone track on the album as it is the only track which breaks the dreamy illusions created within the soundscapes of the rest of the LP. This is not to say it is not a good song, the hip hop beat and soft organ music brilliantly underlines the vocal samples taken from blues singer Bon House.


After “Don’t You Mind”, which appears right at the start of the LP, the album continues as an almost unbroken sound, sometimes joyful and energetic and sometimes calming and peaceful. Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4) is an album you can put on, sit back and lose yourself in. Lessons (Originals Mixtape 4) is available to buy on Bandcamp, and “Don’t You Mind” is being given away for free.




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