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Tiffany Haddish has signed on to star in Homecoming Queen, a comedy inspired by her own trip to Africa. The film will be developed at Amblin, who have tapped Raamla Mohamed (Little Fires Everywhere) to write the script.


Per THR, Haddish once traveled to Africa thinking she was royalty, only to find out that the designation means something completely different there.


That’s pretty much all there is to the synopsis right now, but that shouldn’t be a problem when you’ve got Haddish on board to star. She broke out in Girls Trip a few years ago and has since become one of the bigger comedy names, starring in films such as Night School and Like A Boss, plus voicing one of the leads in the animated series Tuca & Bertie.


She hasn’t yet found a truly great post-Girls Trip leading role in a movie though (partly because Hollywood is far less interested in creating those roles nowadays), but Homecoming Queen could be it. All she needs is a great idea and Haddish can take it from there; see her supporting role in the hidden camera comedy Bad Trip for proof.


Haddish has also made some interesting choices outside of full-on comedy though. She’ll star alongside Oscar Isaac in Paul Schrader‘s The Card Counter, be seen in Jarrod Carmichael‘s feature directorial debut On The Count Of Three, and she’s also on board to star alongside Chris Hemsworth in the action comedy Down Under Cover.


Homecoming Queen does sound a little like the comedies from few decades ago, where a studio would simply find a fresh project for their big star, instead of shunting them into remakes of existing IP.


Perhaps Homecoming Queen can be the project to truly propel Haddish to similar superstardom, even though comedies haven’t been big box office draws in recent years, but fingers crossed.



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