Tig Notaro & Stephanie Allynne To Co-Direct Lauren Pomerantz Feature | Film News


One Mississippi duo Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne will make their directorial debut with a new untitled feature inspired by the real-life story of Lauren Pomerantz, head writer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Pomerantz herself has penned a mostly autobiographical script. The film follows thirtysomethings Lucy and Jane; best friends their entire lives. They’ve ostensibly learned pretty much everything about life and each other from one another. However, below the surface are things unknown, or at least not quite accepted, which Lucy hides from Jane and herself.


When Lucy embarks on a personal journey, she will face a test of her friendship and her sense of self, on a path she may not be entirely ready to take. The film reportedly seeks to “explore the complicated and oftentimes wonderfully ridiculous dynamics of female friendship, self-discovery, and societal expectations”.


Allynne said of the project: “Nothing interests me more than a character whose self-determination, curiosity, and bravery is directed inward, igniting the possibility to awaken one’s true authentic self”.


Notaro noted that, as a lesbian, she was familiar with the lesbian coming-of-age story, but that Pomerantz gives a fresh take. Allynne jokingly added: “If I had known that coming out would lead to getting to work with Tig, Stephanie, and this producing team, I would’ve come out so much sooner. But then I wouldn’t have had this story to tell, and I am so excited that they are helping me tell it”.


The film is scheduled to begin filming in Los Angeles in early 2020. In addition, Notaro and Allynne also have the political comedy First Ladies set up at Netflix. The story follows America’s first female President, played by Jennifer Aniston, and her wife, The First Lady played by Notaro.



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