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Let me start by saying the synths keys on this new single from Tilda Austen titled “Bail“, especially on that first chorus, will grab you and never let you go, well at least for the three minutes that the song lasts. In any case, I reckon you’ll enjoy this new one from Tilda, it’s a bop as they say, so definitely press play below, plus it’s available to stream on all your favourite streaming platforms.


According to Tilda, the song is “about how relationships sometimes have a best before date. Maybe it’s as simple as going with the flow and breaking up when things just doesn’t feel right anymore, instead of trying to fight for something that doesn’t even exist. I think we often try to love someone because we are longing for it, even though it doesn’t click for real. We should enjoy it while it lasts and try not to take things too seriously, they think their whole life is depended on it“.


So who is Tilda? She is a 17-year old Swedish singer and songwriter, who has been writing songs since she was nine years old. Her first single “One Thing” was released back in the spring of this year, with heavy support from Spotify across their ‘New Music Friday’ playlists, and she’s fast becoming quite the big deal in Sweden, getting cosigns from Peg Parnevik, Sabina Ddumba and Molly Hammar, among others.


Did I already say she’s 17 years old? I don’t remember what I was doing at 17 but I was definitely not this mature or even articulate about teenage love and relationships, so I would say you should check it out just for that reason. But as I said, it’s a bop, even if you don’t want to pay attention the lyrics… She does ask us to keep it light.




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