Tinchy Stryder – Shut The Front Door | Music Video

Tinchy Stryder 05.04.2016ANDREW


You can now pre-order The Cloud 9 LP/360º, the new album from Tinchy Stryder. With this, you get the single, “Allow Me”, featuring JME immediately. Along with that announcement, Stryder has unveiled new single and visuals “Shut The Front Door” via SBTV.


The beat is a tad random, like a synthesised bass guitar, fretless and fretted, sliding up and down. The drums mix rattle and the impact of what sounds a steel door closing; before a massive sound kicks in, like Southern rappers when they display how bigtime they are.


Visually, the video is quite basic. Tinchy is set in a black and white colour scheme. However, it is cleverly edited with his image cutting in and out of the clip, as if filmed on an old temperamental reel. Maybe tampered with, or just old, it also it uses more digital effects.




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