Tion Wayne – Me Or The Lifestyle | Music Video

Tion Wayne 18.07.2016ANDREW


Tion Wayne is back with with the discursive “Me Or The Lifestyle”, and basically discusses the age old rap theme of being loved for your person or your wallet. This is also in conjunction with the fact that his latest release, Wayne’s World 2, is due Wednesday, July 27.


The chopped up guitar introduction is followed by soulful and graceful licks. The beat proper kicks in, moody but still with heart. The flows are tight, and the way the raps dance amidst the beat is quite satisfying.


In terms of the visuals, which feature Aaleeyah Petty, they show Tion snapping out of his reverie, seemingly prompted by those choppy guitar samples. He seems preoccupied, perhaps with the fact he does not know where his woman’s priorities lie. Is it with his rich lifestyle, or him as a person? It shows the couple living large, however sometimes harassed by the police.




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