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Remember the noughties? When televisions were judged by how colourful they were and buzzwords such as ‘LCD’ and ‘HD’ were at the forefront of the marketable technology lexicon? Jose Gonzalez’ cover of ‘Heartbeat’ by The Knife was the soundtrack to 2010’s Sony Bravia TV advert and with that wonderful cover, he had an invaluable hit which people hear again some years later and say “Oh it’s that song from that advert, isn’t it?”.


Of course, Gonzalez’ career is owed much more credit, as the Gothenburg singer-songwriter also has two fine albums of Swedish indie-folk dreaminess to his name. He recently came out on stage with a cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls”, and although it probably won’t be used to sell televisions to the masses, it can still be looked upon as a smooth and sultry version of a 90’s girl band classic. This should be an opportunity to rediscover the man’s talents, a bearded Swedish guitarist who was working the lumber guitarist lifestyle long before it hit East London. His new album, Vestiges and Claws, is set to be released next month.




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