‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Producer Lines Up Adaptation Of ’10 Blind Dates’ YA Novel | Film News


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was one of Netflix’s surprise 2018 hits. Along with Set It Up, it reignited the romcom. Thus, it’s no surprise to hear that a producer of the film is heading back to the Young Adult market in the hopes of finding the next successful YA romcom.


Matt Kaplan and his Ace Entertainment, who produced To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (and its upcoming sequel), have acquired the film rights to 10 Blind Dates, the upcoming YA novel by Ashley Elston. J. Mills Goodloe (The Age Of Adaline) is attached to write the screenplay.


The book follows recently heartbroken Sophie who escapes to her grandparents’ house, where her grandmother plots to send her on 10 blind dates set up by different family members. But when her ex turns up unexpectedly, Sophie becomes confused, as she’s developed feelings for someone else. However, that someone might not be totally available.


The book will be published in October. Elston has written several YA suspense novels in the past, but this is her first contemporary romance. She reportedly based the story partly on her large Italian family.


It’s easy to see the appeal for producers from the synopsis. “We immediately fell in love with the vivid world Ashley created in her novel”, Kaplan said. “From a charming, memorable family to the way she portrays romance and coming-of-age, we knew instantly that it was the perfect fit for the kinds of relevant, YA content we want to be making”.


Ace specialises in YA content. They are also producing Are You Afraid Of The Dark, based on the 90s Nickelodeon series. That hits cinemas Friday, October 11. We’ll wait and see where 10 Blind Dates ends up, but it has all the makings of another YA hit.



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