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TOBACCO has released his latest song “Human Om”, which is a taster of his latest project which is to be released on August 19, Sweatbox Dynasty. This will be TOBACCO’s fourth album, produced by Ghostly International, and if the single is anything like the album, it’s going to be bizarre.


The song itself is hard to place into any category or genre, other than trippy psychedelia. It could easily find its way into video game soundtracks as the backing for a boss battle. The intro is a mashup of heavy bass-y sounds and factory noises, like sheet metal being cut.


TOBACCO’s vocals are distorted  to sound robotic and when it hits the chorus, it’s not difficult to imagine a Transformer changing into its final form. The track is transfixing, you are attacked with a variety of sounds and breaks in the beat, which makes it almost a challenge to follow the song along. It’s as though the song has the ability to make you see colours or smell things that you were not able to access before; it’s completely new age.


To check out the track, click the Soundcloud link below.




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