Tobi Sunmola – Be My Lover | Music Video


With his recent single a return to the musical spotlight after a short stint away and a well received piece of musical art, Tobi Sunmola refuses to rest on his laurels and instead provides us with the brand new video for his single “Be My Lover“.


A beautiful visual to accompany the single, Tobi is in his feelings as he is caught passionately playing an abandoned piano by the shore, singing and rapping in effortless flow. Beautiful sweeping shots of the shorelines and the beautiful sandy beaches are then disrupted as the aggressive waves sweep Tobi and the piano away into the sea, before he agonisingly crawls back to land.


Tobi says of the new single: “The track is about love that is broken but it’s love regardless and that love keeps us connected.” He further explains of the video that accompanies the track: “The floating broken pieces of piano at my feet at the end is symbolic of the broken pieces of this love.”




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