Tom Hanks To Reunite With Paul Greengrass For ‘News Of The World’ | Film News


Tom Hanks, having secured his most recent Best Actor Academy Award nomination in Paul GreengrassCaptain Phillips back in 2013, is re-teaming with the director for a road drama titled News Of The World. Luke Davies (Lion) has penned the script based on the historical fiction novel by Paulette Jiles.


Much like in Captain Phillips, Hanks will again play a captain – Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a veteran who travels from town to town in the wake of the civil war reading to illiterate locals. His journey through the United States is upended when he’s suddenly tasked with delivering a young kidnap victim from Texas to her relatives in San Antonio.


It makes sense for the duo to re-team again, as their aforementioned previous collaboration was a critical hit, also grossing $218 million worldwide on a $55 million budget, and landed 6 Oscar nominations. Hanks was last seen in Steven Spielberg‘s The Post, while Greengrass’ 22 July hit Netflix late last year.


This sounds like a bit of a departure from Greengrass’ usual work, which is probably a good thing as his handheld shakycam style can get a bit nauseating, and 22 July got a lukewarm reception for having little of interest to say about the 2011 terrorist attacks in Norway.


Teaming with Hanks again is a smart move, and considering his star power, News Of The World immediately becomes a highly anticipated project.



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