Tom Hardy Scheduled To Cameo As Stormtrooper In ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ | Film News



British acting sensation Tom Hardy is scheduled to cameo in the 2017 science fiction instalment Star Wars: Episode VIII. Rumors have it that Tom Hardy is confirmed to play a stormtrooper in the movie with his latest collaboration with Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk, expected to be released in 2016.


Tom Hardy has already claimed prolific box office status with past films such as The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Dark Knight Rises, all becoming successful commercial hits; and Star Wars: Episode VIII will definitely be a box office hit in the making.


Tom Hardy has never ventured into the science fiction genre before as this would be a new experience for the actor with his fans very keen to see this transformation on the cinema screen. Tom Hardy’s addition to the Star Wars franchise is a cinematic bonus with big Hollywood actors willing to take their place within such an iconic movie franchise, however only time will tell whether Tom Hardy can leave a lasting impact on screen that would help define the classic franchise for many generations to come.


Hardy as an actor is never afraid to confront new challenges and gain a new selection of fans so Star Wars could be the career defining movie for him that helps propel his Hollywood career in the right direction.



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