Tom Hardy To Star In New FX Series ‘Taboo’ | TV News

Tom Hardy Starring in Taboo TV series


Tom Hardy is teaming up with director Steven Knight, who directed Hardy in the critically acclaimed 2014 film Locke, for a new FX series titled Taboo, which Ridley Scott will executive produce. Taboo is set in 1813, and sees Hardy playing James Keziah Delaney, a adventurer who returns from Africa with a large loot of diamonds to seek vengeance when his father is murdered. However, things get complicated when the East India Trading Company want to take control of his family’s trading and shipping company, forcing him to begin his own competing company with dark and dangerous consequences. This sounds like it could be a real hit, and with Tom Hardy and Steven Knight leading, it really will be unmissable TV. The 8 episode show looks set to begin filming in 2015 with the show said to begin airing in 2016.



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