Tom Hiddleston To Star In Netflix Limited Thriller Series ‘White Stork’ | TV News


Tom Hiddleston has signed on to star in the Netflix limited thriller series, White Stork. The series comes from the producers of the streaming giant’s latest hit, Sex Education, and will consist of ten episodes.


Described as a political thriller, Hiddleston will play politician James Cooper whose career in parliament is threatened by a vetting process that uncovers a series of dangerous secrets about his past.


Jericho‘s Chris Dunlop has created and written the series and Kristoffer Nyholm, who helmed the first half of the Tom Hardy series Taboo, will direct.


The show was previously in development at American network AMC under the title Spadehead. It’s unclear how exactly it ended up at Netflix, but they’re likely happy to have it.


This will be Hiddleston’s first non-MCU/non-animated role since 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. Shooting the winding down of the MCU’s Infinity Saga and also filming the upcoming Disney+ series Loki, his schedule has likely been pretty stacked. This should be a welcome step away from franchise work and the chance for Hiddleston to sink his teeth into a new character.


2021 could be a good year for him. Loki will arrive on Disney+ at some point, and expect White Stork to hit Netflix next year as well.



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