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Tom Jones performance - Newbury


After the news of Tom Jones abrupt dismissal from BBC’s The Voice UK, Britain’s beloved Silver Bear is now hitting back by dishing up the dirt on behind the scenes antics. Jones revealed that producers told him that he had to turn more for contestants that he did not truly think were good enough.


According to Jones, Endemol boss, John De Mol, sent a representative to give him ‘advice’ – although what came after could be called into serious question. “He said ‘You’ve got to turn your chair more’, He said it made for better television if we all turned our chairs and let the contestant decide who to go with. I said ‘But I might end up with a singer I don’t want’ and he said I could always get rid of them later. I don’t work like that“.


The singer also revealed that the producers gave Ricky Wilson lines to say when the cameras were rolling, a stunt which Tom strongly disagreed with. After advising Ricky to refuse to say the lines, Tom feels that they felt they had to get rid of him. Replacing both Tom Jones and Rita Ora in the next series, airing early next year, will be Boy George and Paloma Faith.



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