Tom Misch Announces Debut Album ‘Geography’ | Music News


The London-based alternative/indie singer and DJ Tom Misch has just announced his debut new album Geography which is set to be released on April 6, 2018, via his own label Beyond The Groove and Kobalt Music Recordings.


Earlier this year, the UK artist has unveiled an EP called 5 Day Mischon, in which he blended hip-hop beats with smoothly soulful vocals and guitar, to rave reviews.


Since he was young, Tom was born in a home that encouraged creativity and this is the reason why he has always wanted to explore different genres of music in order to create something new. Starting to listening rock music during his childhood, he changed his tastes to a more hip-hop sound, and went on to take further classes in music technology.


Consequently the singer’s goal for this brand new album is to explore a new musical landscape. He interweaves disco and soul with hip-hop and jazz. Also, we discover his own vocals, as for most of the tracks included in Geoghraphy, he is singing.


Movie” is the first single that the songwriter has lifted up from this upcoming album, which is now available everywhere. It displays a different side to Tom’s music as his calming voice lulls the listener into a daydream. Check it out below in order to have a little taste of his next album.




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