Tom Prior – Bad Advice | Music Video


If the likes of Jake Bugg or Arctic Monkeys make a regular appearance on your playlists then you will love the music being created from the young and uberly talented Tom Prior. He returns following the release of “The Altar” last month, and now unveils his debut video and title track “Bad Advice” from his forthcoming EP.


“Bad Advice” is an offering of real genuine music that is compiled of passion and honestly, and is an extremely catchy up tempo track that Tom describes as the most ‘bitter’ track he has ever written – “I was in a really bad place towards the end of last year and I had to dig deep to work out how I could move on positively. Somewhere a long the line I put my trust in the wrong people and began to make decisions that were against my gut instinct, never again”.


The video is simple, but put together with intricate detailing, and it’s the first time we see his face during this campaign, after an array of smoke covered press shots, so this video comes as a nice unveiling, not just for the song but for Tom as well. Great stuff Tom, keep the tunes coming please, I had a hole in my iTunes that you just filled. Check out the video right here.




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