Tommy Marr Stealing Hearts At ‘Clothes Show Live 2014’ | Fashion News


Clothes Show Live has long been the launching pad for several fashion brands and has boosted many careers over the years, and this has definitely been the case for the young and stunning Tommy Marr. Taking his role in the Clothes Show Live 2014, he modelled everyday for the Alcatel One Touch Fashion Theatre Catwalk, strutting his stuff along the way. Literally making girls hearts melt, he definitely did his job very successfully.


Next Model Management has found a brilliant new talent inside the gorgeous body of Tommy Marr, who has also done photoshoots for an agency in Milan, ASOS, and even an exclusive for Calvin Klein. Along the road of discovery to the amazing Tom Marr, I also found out that he is a very big football fan, apparently it’s one of his main hobbies, in other words this is how he gained this beautiful body of his – you can see plenty of this from the Clothes Show Fashion Theatre 2014 pictures and videos. He seems to definitely become very popular within the ‘lady department’ from the Clothes Show audience, if the tweets from his ‘fans’ are anything to go by. He is definitely going to go far in this industry.




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