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Atlanta-based rapper Tone Levels has released a poetic single titled “Hit Today”. Through this single, he wanted to create a unique song based on his past struggles. Thanks to the blend of guitar and different soundscapes, the track can be associated with a lucid dream. The goal is to use his voice as therapy.


Tone Levels was raised in Georgia and got into music, thanks to his relatives who pushed him into this direction to reveal his feeling through songs, as a better and easy way for him to express himself, when he did not want to talk about his struggles to anyone. Thanks to his family, he realized the power he has through his deep and striking voice.


Speaking about this single, the Georgia rapper said: “Hit Today is a song that I made reminiscing on the past when I was heavy in the streets. Being young and broke, I tried to use certain situations as a push to put money in my pocket. It can mean anything to anyone. Getting a new job, catching a play, finding some money, finding an opportunity, and using that to your advantage to propel you into a better situation.”


We can be sure of one thing, his talent will not stop growing from here!


Listen to “Hit Today” here:




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