Tone Royal Releases Chill New Single ‘Lake House’ | Music News


Austin based hip-hop singer Tone Royal has released his second single for 2019 titled “Lake House“, combining intense rapping skills accompanied by a lo-fi beat, creating a chillwave scenery. Born in San Antonio, but raised in Columbus, Georgia, the young artist released his first album when he was only 18 years old as a member of a rap group called InnerMost.


After going solo, he has received much appreciation from both the press and the audiences, resulting into him being featured on the list of the “21 rising stars in their 20s” from San Antonio. In addition to that, his clever wordplay, widespread subject matter and powerful tone of voice were enough to earn him the first place of Austin’s Rap For A Stack competition.


Tone unveils his storytelling lyrics in “Lake House”, which is about the exciting feeling you get when you instantly connect with someone you just met. A modern day romance is starting at a house party, where nervousness and intrigue take over the two protagonists.


The song is finely produced by Karuna. The rapper was just looking at his Spotify discovery list when his was suddenly drawn by the artwork of Karuna and he quickly requested a collaboration. It is certain that his vaporwave vibes will help you unwind after long busy days.


Listen to “Lake House” here:




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