Toothless 08.04.2016ANDREW


Ed Nash of Bombay Bicycle Club has shared his debut video from his new solo project, Toothless. Following BBC’s news that they are taking a hiatus, Ed has released self-produced “Terra” with additional production from former bandmate, Jack Steadman. Chris Coady, best known for work with Beach House and TV On The Radio mixed the track.


The track opens with deep breathing, and is quite relaxing in a way. This is followed by chiming, and then vocals. It is an earnest effort with an impressive layer upon layer, in what is an overall boundless soundscape. Some calm guitar strumming closes the track, as calmly as it had begun.


Regarding the visuals for “Terra”, it is a spacey affair. Literally. It winds through space, and indeed Terra is the Latin name for Earth. Perhaps this wandering video is trying to convey leaving from within, to explore our solar system, then other galaxies, and then other universes. It is interspersed with weird visuals of flying women and distressed bearded men.




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