‘Top Gear’ Star Jeremy Clarkson In The News Again, This Time For Speeding | TV News


After his Falklands row in Argentina, you would imagine that Jeremy Clarkson would stay out of the limelight a little. Well you would be wrong, as Clarkson has been given his first speeding fine in 30 years. The fine was given to the Top Gear star after he was going (in his words) “80 something” in a 60mph zone, on a 260 mile drive from Whitby to North Yorkshire. Clarkson has brushed this off believing it not to be a big deal saying, “it’s nothing catastrophic, nobody died“.


As a fine, he has been given points on his license and is to attend a speed awareness course. Road safety campaigners are livid with his response to the fine, saying his comments are irresponsible and “absolutely shocking”. Clarkson’s previous offence for speeding was in 2008 when he claimed to have been driving 186MPH on a public road. Clarkson is not one to hide his opinions on speeding as last month he moaned in his column for The Sun about the number of speed cameras on his long drive to London.



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