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The folk music artist Tragoe has premiered today the video from “Souls” in collaboration with Matt McJunkins of A Perfect Circle on guest vocals.


Tragoe is an 87-year-old pagan artist who gave up his military and academic career to look for the answer to the question: “What is the sound of darkness?


It seems like he found that sound in “Souls”. Performed exclusively with traditional Greek folk instruments, this track has a captivating rhythm and engaging beats that will lead you into a world full of mystique and pagan folk traditions.


The music video of “Souls” was shot in rural Greece and it narrates the metamorphosis of an ordinary human into Tragoe Damon, through a pagan ritual inspired by Greek mythology.


The first scenes of the video show instants of any common person’s everyday life: waking up, washing your face, looking at yourself in the mirror, getting dressed and heading out to work.


But what if you hardly recognize your face in the mirror? What if while walking in the street you bump into a dark nymph who leads you to the woods?


John Psathas, the composer for Athens Olympic Games, has stated that Tragoe’s single “it’s really blown me away. I’m going now to listen all over again”. Just like for Psathas, it will be hard for you to stop listening to this powerful and captivating track.


The lines “it is my soul, could have been a trial/it is my soul, could have been denial” will cling to you mind, making you identify with the protagonist of the video and leading into a deep metamorphosis of both body and soul.


The whole album by Tragoe will officially be out in November 2020, but singles are going to be released throughout the year, probably keeping on with exploring the sound of darkness one piece at a time. Keep posted.


Watch it here:




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