Trailer Released For ‘The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve’ | Film Trailer


Teens will flock to see The Terror of Hallow’s Eve, a film that continues my hatred of the modern horror genre. Watching the trailer triggers a serious case of the déjà vu, but admittedly delivers in scaring its intended audience.


The Terror of Hallow’s Eve revolves around a boy, Tim, who after being beaten up by bullies, wishes for revenge that “unleashes the Terror of Halloween“. It’s a typical careful-what-you-wish-for tale only that it’s blood in a pumpkin that’s to blame for the chaos that ensues.


The movie seems to employ the same typical backstory for the antagonist; estranged parents, strange kid. Producers have even been kind enough to include a voice over artist you can’t quite take seriously – though, naturally, the cast is largely unknown, it appears that Rumplestiltskin voices the pumpkin. I should now mention that this is all based on “true events“.


Interesting enough to point out though, is the fact that director Todd Tucker‘s repertoire actually boasts a collection of fantastic films, but instead for his work as a special make up effects artist. Credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and Watchmen (2009).


While I don’t think The Terror of Hallow’s Eve will be held in as high a regard as the aforementioned collection, I can see it gaining significant popularity for its jumpscares and visual effects.


A release date is yet to be announced for the film, but with the trailer now in circulation, I imagine it could be dropped this fall. Watch the trailer below.




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