Travel Back In Time With ‘Sherlock’ Victorian Special Trailer | TV Trailer



Sherlock’s taking a spin in the past with a Victorian twist on this year’s special. With Watson (Martin Freeman) sporting a beard and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) slicking his hair back – it is definitely safe to say that a deviation from the norm should be expected in this upcoming episode.


The trailer gives us a teasing glimpse of all the eeriness to come, with mention of ghosts, foggy stone mansions and horses, loads of horses and carriages. The episode will see Watson and Sherlock returning to 221B and solving crimes in Victorian London, although according to Stefen Moffat, the one-off episode will be entirely distinct in its own right, and will not have any connection the modern-day Sherlock that we’re used to. “It had to be special,” The co-creator said, “It has to be a separate entity on its own. It’s kind of in its own bubble”.


The fourth season of Sherlock is set to start production next year in anticipation of its 2017 release, but whilst you’re doing all that dreadful waiting, here’s a trailer for the upcoming Victorian special, which will be released this December.




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