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Three Sicilians have dared to take the trip of a lifetime. They will be travelling from their hometown of Palermo to the Asiatic city of Beijing… only by car. This is not a joke, but rather a project organised by three students from Sicily: Giovanni Cipolla, Francesco Ponzio and Silvia Calcavecchio (who will be making an early pitstop in Uzbekistan).


The surprising thing in all of this is that they will make this journey in one car in particular car – the Pandino. The Pandino is a typical Italian car from the 80s. The travellers will share their adventures on Instagram and they used the car’s name as their handle. In fact, you can follow them on every step through Instagram at @a_pechino_col_pandino (To Beijing by Pandino) or by clicking here.



The idea came about while the guys were in a bar they usually go every evening and the owner decided to sponsor their trip. As a whole, they will need probably €4000 to realise this dream. They will cross eleven countries and travel over fifteen thousand kilometres. The trip will last around 40 days.


The guys are excited about leaving on July 20 and they don’t know if they will come back by car or plane just yet due to the cost of petrol.



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