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The emerging musician Tre Burt from the Pacific Northwest seems to have become famous due to pure coincidence. His music has always been in the right place at the right time, born from his lifelong passion for music, waiting there to be discovered.


In fact, he  was drawn to music from an early age, by growing up listening to his grandfather’s passion for soul classics and he discovered one of his songwriting heroes, Neil Young, through his older brother, Joey. “Music was always important to whatever our family was doing,” he says, “it was always the soundtrack“.


Moreover, only one year ago, Tre was discovered via Spotify by John Prine‘s label, Oh Boy Records, who promptly signed Tre, this is where the journey begins.


As he said about the song, “Caught It from the Rye is a year old, which is crazy because since I first shared it here this time last year it’s gotten me across the world and in and out of very intense and bizarre moments of joy, regret, disbelief, pain, amazement, freedom, embarrassment, self-doubt, excitement and worse. The record has been a helluva teacher and showed me how crazy some lessons can be“.


His next album will be released January 31, 2020, but the new track “Caught It from the Rye” gives already a little taste of how the album will be. The song is a little piece of melodic poetry. He sings with sincerity only with the help of his guitar he is able to melt the heart of the listener.


He doesn’t need anything else to make his music pure art. Classic and simple chords are the basis of his raw and deep voice, something that reminds easily of a young Bob Dylan of the new era.


In the music video, he is fully immersed in nature, stuck in it as though he has always been there, singing and playing his guitar, behind the rocks of the Molala and Wasco tribes.


Watch the video for “Caught It From The Rye” below:




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