Trendy Color Palettes For A Stunning Fall Wedding

Fall is quite the popular option when it comes to wedding seasons. Just thinking about the turning of colors of leaves and trees can already make you feel romantic and nostalgic. Best of all, the warm yet comfortable weather makes it all the more the perfect season to dress formally without getting too hot as you and your guests enjoy the special day.

Fall weddings are renowned for boasting gorgeous color palettes that make the event even more picturesque than it already is. If you’re about to get married, this is definitely one of the reasons you should consider saying ‘I do’ sometime during the autumn season.

Falling In Love with Fall

While fall may be associated with warm colors, such as oranges, yellows, and reds, there’s an emerging trend lately that features autumn weddings in varied palettes that uniquely incorporate dramatic hues, earth tones, and gorgeous neutrals. You’d be surprised how you can stylishly sneak your way into different shades and tones in unexpected ways.

If you haven’t picked your color palette yet for the autumn wedding you’re planning for, there are several trendy ideas you can consider that’ll surely make your big day pop in a stunning way. Imagine how such splendid colors would look great together with your Bouqs centerpieces and the rest of the wedding décor that’ll complement one another in more ways than one.

Deep Red in Different Shades

Red is forever the color of love, but have you given careful consideration to how deep red could suddenly make a love affair look fiercer and more intimate than ever? Think all shades of deep red in one astonishing palette — definitely an event to paint the town red. Your bridesmaids could wear beautiful dresses in different shades, such as wine red, burgundy, claret, and maroon.

Imagine how lovely the venue and church décor would be if you’re to adorn them with blooms and accents that highlight your deep red palette. Oh, and don’t forget to give it a final touch by wearing deep red lipstick in matte—definitely a dramatic and effective way to heat up your event.

A Good Old Pumpkin Palette

You can’t possibly think of autumn and not let your mind wander off to hues of oranges and anything pumpkin-related. Combine that with woodsy aromas and more spicy warm tones, and you’ve got yourself a winner palette.

Nothing gives off major autumn feels than a refreshing orange that offers so many idyllic wedding style tips you should absolutely consider. Your main color palette could be pumpkin orange combined with sage green, and then work your way around other spiced colors, such as custom merlot, steel, and parchment.

Wedding decors could be anything as unique as real pumpkins to adorn the venue. You can even use dried eucalyptus leaves as confetti, especially if you’re planning for a rustic wedding.

Paint The Day Quaint

If you’re not in the mood for some experimenting and going out of your way for the color palette, you can also consider a color combo that speaks and relates to nature in a calming way. Think soft blush, olive, evergreen, and ginger. These colors can effortlessly adapt to your wedding dress, theme, and décor without even trying.

The dark evergreen shade is perfect to represent the cooler months ahead, while the soft hues can add a bit of fresh and unassuming dimension. This gorgeous palette is the perfect way to bid goodbye to the summer season and welcome winter with open arms.

Get Peachy with Peach and Charcoal

If you can’t seem to decide whether to go for a bright palette or moody hues, why not try and find the balance between them? Charcoal and peach are perfect neutralizers that your wedding needs for a touch of brightness and a fall-appropriate mood.

You may want to add a gray-black wall décor adorned with peach flowers and greeneries to make the ambiance even more autumnal. There’s just something about contrasting beauty that makes this palette even more charming, extraordinary, and hard to forget.

You can also scatter tiny peachy petals on the floor for a more dramatic flair. The wall décor embellished with soft and fresh flowers will surely be a perfect spot for selfies and group photos with guests.

All The Beautiful Tones for Your Perfect Fall Wedding

You’ll never run out of stunning ideas when it comes to trendy color palettes for your autumn wedding. The season in itself already lends a love-inspired touch to your special day. How much more if you’re to complement it with all the beautiful tones you can think of as you tie the knot with your other half?

Your wedding will definitely be a picture-perfect event that everyone will remember even after weeks and months have already passed.


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