Trey Songz + Chris Brown – Chi Chi | Music Video


Trey Songz and Chris Brown have teamed up on their new song “Chi Chi” (which is a Mexican slang term for ‘breasts’), and they have also created a video for it.


HNHH says “this is exactly what you would expect from the duo of Trey and Chris. It’s a track that will be in your girl’s playlist for a minute. Perfect for the bedroom or for general relaxing, Trigga and Breezy get pretty sensual here, painting an image with their graphic lyrics”.


“The song had been teased for a few days before Trey dropped it last night, spicing up the night since the Super Bowl wasn’t exactly the most eventful thing in the world. If you’re into two of the best modern vocalists showing off their chops together, have a listen to “Chi Chi” and let us know your thoughts”.


The chorus lyrics are below:


“Pull up in that Bentley GT
Skrrt, skrrt, beep, beep
Girl, meet me in my bed
I’ma go down eat, eat
Ride them chi chis
Know I’ma skeet, skeet (Oh yeah, yeah)
Got me on repeat, b**** wanna freak me
Girl, I know you ain’t from ’round here
Shut up, shut up, make you c** easy
What up? What up? P**** come easy”


Listen to the song here:




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