Tribeca Pulls United Airlines Commercial After It Draws Derisive Laughs | Film News


Tribeca Film Festival brings documentaries, movies and other narratives to us, but what was its funniest film wasn’t really a film at all – it was a commercial!


United Airlines, now best known for assaulting and forcibly removing a paying passenger to make room for employees on one of its flights, is a co-sponsor of the annual film festival in New York.


It’s not out of the ordinary for a United Airline promotional spot to hit the big screen at the Tribeca Film Festival, but this year’s Polaris business class commercial drew derisive laughter and chuckles from audiences at screenings.


Tribeca and United Airlines ultimately pulled the commercial from screenings as of Saturday, to avoid distracting audiences from the actual films. In other news, the Tribeca Film Festival will be wrapping up this Sunday on April 30.



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