Trinidadian Singer And Songwriter Toni Sancho Releases New Single ‘Survive’

Toni Sancho is embarking on a journey of self-discovery, and she invites you to join her. The powerful London-based songwriter is drawing attention with her fascinating honesty, giving poetic insight that combines D’Angelo’s R&B feeling, Florence + The Machine’s theatre, and Frank Ocean’s ambition. With each new song, she gets closer to her goal, bringing her innermost feelings into sharper perspective.

Toni is shown in a vulnerable light on her new single “Survive“, displaying her willingness to expose all. In this situation, she laments an old flame, or simply a connection that fizzled out for whatever reason, hoping that the person she lost is doing well despite the distance between them and the grief she still feels. “I wish you glory and love from this aching heart of mine“, Toni croons.

Despite the terrible circumstances from which the track’s lyrical material is based, the track’s light-hearted melodic backbone produces an ultimately positive musical experience, one through which Toni may push for her own personal healing and let go of any bad blood, and inspire others to do the same.

Toni’s voice has a soothing quality to it, and you can sense her real emotion in her words right away. You can really get into the beat and take in Toni’s message while still having a good time as the music starts up shortly after, supported by crashing cymbals, shimmering synths, and a bit of cowbell here and there.

Listen to the song here:


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