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Triple H – 365 Fresh | Music Video


Hyuna is one of the more recognizable names if you’re a stranger to the world of K-pop and she demonstrates why, clearly, in the music video for “365 Fresh”, which serves as the title track on sub-unit Triple H’s debut mini album.


The video itself is just short of 5 minutes, but watching it feels a lot like waking up in the middle of watching a high-paced action movie. The music video starts off, not with music, but the blare of police sirens as our protagonists taunt the cops chasing the bumper of their car.


The scene cuts to member Hui running away from thugs in slow-motion just as the warbled and muted intro, paired with Hyuna teaching you how to spell ‘fresh’ in her trademark seductive whisper, gives way to a funky melody on top of a bouncy beat.


The song itself adheres to the vibe introduced from the beginning and the three members’ playful voices blend together nicely, but the song feels predictable and a little monotonous. The blame for this can be divided between the repetitious pattern of the song and the riveting music video.


While Hui is getting thrashed by the aforementioned thugs, Hyuna has just accidentally killed a customer at her hair salon while warding off his unwanted advances. Bruised and with nothing better to do, Hui steals some car keys for a joyride and picks up Hyuna and the suicidal E’Dawn after nearly running them both over.


To incorporate all of the defining characteristics of the romantic and exciting 70s, the three stop at a gas station, where they find money in the trunk, and then they’re hitting up every bar, restaurant and motel they see on their desert road trip.


The members’ acting is on the dot and I love how Hui exudes confidence in his blue silk shirt, how Hyuna turns up her charm to play both a damsel in distress and a temptress and E’Dawn takes the cake with his off-kilter, quirky antics. Their characters balance each other out nicely and give the music video a Kill the King sort of feel.


Of course in a country as conservative as South Korea, many are unhappy with the 15+ rating slapped onto a video that promotes violence, sexual assault, thievery, alcohol and drugs, threesomes and suicide. I’ll leave the questions of morality in your hands, so check out the music video and let me know what you think!




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