Tropkillaz And Tiwa Savage Remix Bob Marley Classic ‘Jamming’ | Music News


Tiwa Savage and Tropkillaz have teamed up for a remix of the classic song “Jamming” by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and the remix comes with an accompanying video, driven by amazing colorful animation of Marley playing football that tells a story and keeps us engaged.


The fresh remix was made by the Brazilian duo Tropkillaz and the Nigerian songwriter Tiwa Savage, and they feel so honored to be remixing the joyful 1997 hit, mainly because Bob Marley is such a legend in both cultures.


Speaking about the track, Tropkillaz says, “ Bob Marley mentions similarities between Brazil, Africa, Jamaica. Samba and reggae are cousins, in the same branch” while Savage adds that, “Marley is revered in my country… his message on the unification of Africa and love…inspires me. I’m honored and humbled to be on a music project with this great man, and I will remember this moment always”.


This tune came at the right time, because the Marley family recently had a year-long celebration for what would have been the 75th birthday of the legendary king of reggae, concluding the celebration with livestream shows last month featuring Stephen Marleys.


Listen to Tropkillaz and Tiwa Savage’s “Jamming” remix below:




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