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“Is There A Place I Can Go” the new single from Trudy & The Romance is out now, the track is the opening single of their new EP titled Junkard Jazz out on November.


“Is There A Place I Can Go” offers a retro-pop sound typical of the Liverpudlian trio. This single could be played in a London cafe in the ’30s but at the same time it is very timely, the beautiful songs never go out of style. The melody is fun and catchy, the instrumental part is rich and interesting. Voice and instrument performance is worthy of note.


Speaking about the song they said: “Is There A I Can Go s a love song about family, friends and coming of age in the new world. It’s a juvenile ballad using all the spank & tools we had to make the biggest bang.”


Trudy & The Romance have planned a lot of live dates in the UK this year, they will perform live at The Garage in London on October 27 and in Brighton on November 8. You can discover the all tour information on their official site.

Waiting forward to listen their new Ep you can listen to “Is There A Place I Can Go” below.




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