‘True Detective’ Season 2, Episode 5 – Other Lives | TV Review

If you are confused – do not worry – most people are.


People are still or beginning to question: “Wait, what is going on?“. Episode five of True Detective season two, starts some months after the climaxing events of episode four and the investigation has been closed. Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) has left Vinci PD to work private security for Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) whilst he opposes his ex wife in a legal battle for their son. Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) has been demoted to the evidence room at the Sheriff’s Office whilst regularly being forced to attend sex therapist meetings; Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) has been promoted to detective whilst having to face extortion attempts. A fresh lead is picked up and the investigation is then reopened, bringing the three detectives back together to solve it. Semyon continues to delve into the world of crime, which disgruntles his wife, who has also revealed to him that she is infertile.


There is a shade of exposition at the start of the episode, where each character’s new situation is explained implicitly, which does make the plot more understandable but it is when the episode starts to move when it becomes perplexing. Audiences will constantly be questioning why a character is doing what, and the only comprehendable and predictable aspect of the show at the moment are the character’s identities – Bezzerides is now hitting rock bottom rather than the other three protagonists, she previously seemed like the only stable character in the show, as aforementioned.


Despite this lack of understanding of what is actually going on, it is still an enjoyable TV show to watch simply for what the protagonists provide, however, it could be so much more if it was simplified slightly. People are satisfied with simple, linear and easy to understand content. So, how is it so confusing? Well, nothing is being divulged, no reasons or motives are being outlined, which is puzzling, really, and quite annoying – characters’ decisions and actions are based on no explanatory logic whatsoever. This is how the series is going to be now – confusing, but thankfully still enjoyable for the characters it focuses on, but it could and maybe should be so much more than just enjoyable.



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