‘True Detective’ Season 3 Teaser Takes Series Back To Its Roots | TV Trailer


The first teaser for the third season of anthology series True Detective has arrived, this time focusing on a mystery that revolves around Academy Award-winning Mahershala Ali‘s state police detective, which plays out across three separate time periods in Arkansas as he digs deeper into the heart of a macabre crime.



That synopsis, and the trailer above, should be music to True Detective fans ears. The first season, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, garnered critical acclaim. But the second, featuring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn, was a big drop off, with most attributing it to rushed production.


For the first season, creator Nic Pizzolato had years to create the mystery and pen the script, while also having talented director Cary Fukunaga helming each episode. For the second, HBO pushed it into production quickly, meaning Pizzolato had less time to craft the story, and they also decided upon using multiple directors. Neither of those decisions worked out.


The decision for the third season had been to get another primary director to direct the whole series á la Fukunaga, and Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier was hired, but only directed two episodes before leaving. Veteran TV director Daniel Sackheim stepped in to help out, with Pizzolato directing half the season himself.


Whether that will prove to be an issue as in the previous season is yet to be seen, but the teaser looks closer to the atmosphere and basic structure of the first season, so there’s plenty of promise. This season also stars Stephen Dorff, Carmen Ejogo and Scoot McNairy, and will arrive on HBO in January 2019.



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