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HELSINKI, FINLAND – JULY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during a joint press conference after their summit on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. The two leaders met one-on-one and discussed a range of issues including the 2016 U.S Election collusion. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)


Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump‘s summit in Helsinki has left many, if not everybody, speechless. The meeting, made of briefings, interviews and conventions between the two Presidents, touched many pending issues. The climate change problem (that according to Trump is just a scam), the ongoing Syrian crisis and the delicate situation in Crimea, where Putin still holds a tight fist on how he thinks the matter should be handled.


Surprisingly, or not so much, the talk of the summit turned out to be the 2016 US election scandal, which has come to be known simply as Russiagate, with Putin steadily denying the accusations of any Russian involvement in the matter in front of a weirdly submissive and accommodating Trump.


With all eyes fixed on the two leaders to see which one of them is leading the other, Russia came out strong in what was more a face off between the two nations, instead of a meeting over global issues.


But the ultimate blow came from Trump himself, who far from being his usual buoyant self, was ready to question his own intelligence services over the US elections’ investigation. If one didn’t know that Trump is the current president of America, you could have easily thought this was a RUSSIA-RUSSIA summit.


A cry of outrage has since risen from the infamous Helsinki meeting, that will probably go down in history as that time Russia and America actually agreed on something. The Democratic party, in a ‘let’s point the finger’ kind of way, declared itself and the whole nation offended by Trump’s behaviour, while Republicans were left jaw-droppingly shocked by their own President.


So, what did we take away from the summit? Putin will continue to do what he wants as usual, Trump is confused/confusing as usual and we (as humankind) have to watch these two while they keep biting their own tales.


What was more important to discuss? How to solve the Syrian crisis, for example, where airstrikes are still happening and people are being forced to flee their homes; keeping track on what is happening in Crimea and Ukraine, where Putin has his own agenda plainly laid in the open; and, ultimately, the consequences that we will have to face if USA decides to leave The Paris Agreement.


Just another day in the office for Trump and Putin, a whole new arrays of problems for planet earth and its population.



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