Trump’s Travel Ban Against Muslim Countries Approved By Supreme Court | Politics


In what is yet more discouraging news from the American front, the US Supreme Court has approved President Donald Trump‘s travel ban that aims to stop the flow of migrants coming from Muslim countries.


This is the ultimate blow in the face of all the people who have been following the ‘Mexico situation‘, which has seen families torn apart due to the government’s decision to separate children from their families.


The resolution ruled by the Supreme Court today gives credit to Trump’s insane and absurd policy and creates a precedent regarding how the migrants’ situation will now be handled. Adding up to what has been the most dumbfound month in American history, people from countries with a Muslim majority will not be permitted to enter the United States.


The ban has spurred following Trump’s claim to be trying to safeguard America’s national security in the wake of past terrorist attacks. However, if history has served us well, as is the case with the most recent Paris attacks, closing the borders will just fuel and exhaust an already fragile situation.


With Europe biting its own tail with Brexit, and the rest of Europe fighting over what to do with the people coming to the Mediterranean shores, this surprising turn of events in America was the last thing we needed.


As fear rises and people start to be more concerned with what must be defended instead of what can be done to help others, this last blow from the US Supreme Court could really be the decisive knock out.



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