‘Truth, Lies, Diana’ Opens At Charing Cross Theatre – January 9 – February 14, 2015 | Events


Theatre producer and actor Jon Conway has decided to bring all the Princess Diana conspiracy stories into light again. The fictional story line of his new play Truth, Lies, Diana concentrates on the rumours about Prince Charles not being Prince Harry’s real father, due to the 18 month affair between James Hewitt and Princess Diana in the 1980s. Conway justifies the relevance of the play by putting it in parallel to media revelations of recent times, which include the exposure of Jimmy Saville’s crimes of paedophilia, the new inquest into the Hillsborough disaster and the Stephen Lawrence murder case. In terms of theatre, this seems incredibly low brow, desperate and sad. If anybody feels it’s worth a peek, here are the details, including a video clip with more insight of the play below.




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