Tundran Release New EP ‘Morning Moon’ | Music News

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Tundran Release New EP ‘Morning Moon’ | Music News


Swedish electronic-pop duo Tundran have just released their new 7-track titled Morning Moon. Jacob and Felix from the duo explain the EP saying:


We really loved writing and producing the Morning Moon EP. It was a very sobering experience for us. When making music, we usually like to lose ourselves in dreams and our imagination, but it felt natural to explore some personal feelings this time around.


We always embrace changes to our music, and we will keep evolving in the future. For now, it’s incredibly exciting to release these songs, and let them run free in the wild.” Felix also says that: “When we make a song, we get goosebumps,” and ends with, “It’s the most incredible feeling. We want everybody to hear that in our music.”


The songs on the new EP have a nice and smooth sound that is infused with the seventies strut, the disco bounce and the eighties pop swagger and modernized into the twenty-first century dance floor music. An appealing EP for this season.


Listen to the nice 7-track EP by Tundran below.




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