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Since Turkey launched its offensive in northern Syria against Kurdish groups settled in the “safe zone“, over 200,000 people have been deported there. While Turkey was leading its military operations in northeastern Syria, dozens of refugees have been illegally removed from Turkey and sent back to Syria. Now Erdoğan is on the defensive line, claiming that they have returned willingly.


Moreover, a strong report by the non-governmental organization Amnesty International has revealed opposing news. The organization has documented at least 20 cases of forced illegal deportations carried out by Turkish forces.


These 20 cases belong to those of the hundreds of Syrian refugees who have been forced to return to Syria, where there is a war going on. Many of them claim to have been threatened with violence by the authorities or to have been induced to sign “voluntary” repatriation agreements.


Immigration has always been considered a serious problem by the President of Turkey, Erdoğan. The phenomenon sees the Turkish country hosting millions of Syrians, who are fleeing the war. The only measure used to administer this problem is deportation.


Moreover, it was strategically planned by Erdoğan who wanted to resettle 2 million people in a “safe zone” along the border, where the Kurds are now defending themselves from the military attacks of Turkish forces. In this war, the first victims are those who try to find protection, but now Syrians are being exposed to the risk of serious human rights violations.


As Anna Shea, Amnesty International researcher on the rights of refugees and migrants, said: “Turkey deserves recognition for hosting more than 3.6 million women, men and children from Syria for more than eight years, but cannot use this generosity as an excuse to scold internationals and national law by deporting people to an area of ​​active conflict“.



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