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Indie group Beecher’s Fault from New York City has released their fourth single in 2020. “Turn It All Around” is a folk song with electronic pop influences, inspired by parallel universes and the idea that our fate may be unavoidable.


The whole journey of Beecher’s fault started back in 2010. A group of friends were joking around drinking beer and trying to find a suitable name for their band. Suddenly a glass got smashed and one guy tried to blame another. Then another proclaimed “actually that was Beecher’s fault”.


Lead singer and songwriter Ben Taylor listened attentively and said: “That’s it, Beecher’s Fault. That’s the band name”. Through the past decade the band have seen a lot of changes and progress. Some band members left, they’ve had different co-writers and even their genre evolved through the years.


Beecher’s Fault don’t want to put their music into boxes, because that would limit their creative potential. “Our sound belongs to us and our fans. We know what it is and what it means, and so do they“, Ben Taylor adds.


Their sound meets somewhere between “a catchy blend of folk rock and synth pop” packed in a strong songwriting. “Turn It All Around” was created during the Covid-19 pandemic, while touring has been put on pause.


Lead singer Ben Taylor has been recording in his small studio in New York City, while bandmate Ben Dobay supports the song with relaxing saxophone sounds. Listen to “Turn It All Around” now, and look out for their album in early 2021.




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