Twenty One Pilots – Levitate | Music Video

Twenty One Pilots perform at the Red Bull Sound Space, at KROQ Studios, in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 30 June, 2015.


Singer Tyler Joseph is leading a revolution in the just debuted video for the new Twenty One Pilots‘ single “Levitate“.


Continuing their Trench saga, the band has unveiled the follow up to previous releases “Jumpsuit” and “Nino and the Niners“, off their full-length album Trench, out on October 5.


The video of “Levitate” picks up where “Nino and the Niners” left, with the banditos making their way out of a dark tunnel. Now Joseph is leading his banditos down a mountain, torch in their hands and the album’s trademark yellow stripes featuring in each shirts.


The crew is soon led to a small gathering around a fire, where drummer Josh Dun is waiting, ready to fire up the crowd with his drums’ kick. The storyline of Trench seems to have reached a conclusion with this last video, as the band confirmed on their Twitter that this is the last chapter of the story.


The story arch has definitely been intriguing so far, sending fans into a frenzy, with different theories swirling around the internet. Who is Nico and the Niners? Who is the mysterious figure in the red hoodie that is following Joseph? What is the meaning behind the crow?


No real answer is given in the new video, that ends with the singer been taken away by the man in red. Guess we will have to wait for the next chapter of the album, with new songs sure to be debuting soon.


The song, contrary to the previous single, that maintains a sung part alongside Joseph’s inimitable rap verses and has a more reggae/rock sound, relies completely on Dun’s syncopated drums’ moves, that boost Joseph’s rap.


Check out the video below:




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